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Stoeger Air Rifles

June 07, 2017

STOEGER- Air Pellet Rifles!

We may not carry guns with bullets...but pellets and BB's. We've got you covered!

At Panther Wholesale we've continuously serviced our customers with wholesale knives, armor and tactical self-defense items. Within the past few years a few of our customers have been unaware that we also sell air rifles, BB's and crossbows. 


We continuously find ourselves restocking our inventory with the world renown Stoeger Air Rifles. These air rifles have been selling themselves due to the quality, durability, accuracy and continued improvements to hardware functionality. Over the years Stoeger has been able to deliver a consistent product at a fair price. Combine these qualities with a fair price and superb warranty, you can't go wrong.

Whether your using these air rifles for pest control, target practice, movie props or recreational shooting etc. We can guarantee the genuine craftsmanship that went into these rifles is based off the development of actual firearms. Although we stated we don't carry actual firearms, the genuine craftsmanship is paralleled to the real thing and that's why we stand by the Stoeger brand air rifles which has extensive expertise in actual firearm manufacturing.