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Z-Slayer Undead Survival Knives

June 07, 2017



Surviving is key in the land of the Undead and the primary tool is always the knife. It's been said by certain survivalist that a proper knife can save your life. At Panther Wholesale we've developed a brand of Z-Slayer knives built specifically to cater to survivalist ideals and tactics. We've developed an assortment of blades for a variety of different survival situations. Our Z-Slayer brand includes Trigger-action knives, Throwing daggers, Full tang knives and Machetes.

A quality blade can be used in a variety of different ways besides just being a cutting tool. The primary key component for a survival knife is tool versatility and  quality. We expect our Z-slayer brand of knives to be able to accomplish the following task.

DIGGING - A survival knife can serve well as a shovel for a variety of tasks such as foraging for food, burying human waste, and carving out distress signals.

WEAPON - In a situation requiring you to procure your own food, a survival knife can be used to hunt small game. With a little ingenuity the survival knife can be uses as the ultimate emergency weapon.

FIRST AID - A knife can be used to cut bandages, cauterize wounds and even remove potential non sterilized items embedded in the skin or even drain blisters. Medical emergencies are no fun but a quality knife can lead to a saved life.

FIRE FODDER - Having large full tang knives can be a durable wood-splitting or cutting device. A fire is always a necessity when in survival mode, you depend on your knife to gather kindling to start a fire and maintain it.

HAMMER - The butt end of a survival knife handle is its own hammering tool which can be used for producing small game traps, anchoring ropes and pounding in nails.

FOOD PREPARATION - You're in the wild and you need to eat. The proper knife will allow you to skin and gut large game. The survival knife can be used as a stirring tool for any liquids and as a eating utensil.

STAKE BASE - In the absence of other materials, a survival knife can be driven into the ground to serve as a stake—as when anchoring an emergency shelter or a food bag balanced in the tree canopy out of the reach of animals.

MAKING TOOLS - The survival knife has the ability to manufacture other tools and more specialized survival gear. It’s essential for making a fire, spears, drills, navigation materials and components for proximity alarm signals.

BUILDING SHELTER - A knife blade serves handily to trim limbs in the event you must build a shelter. It can also be used to notch the limbs before lashing them together.