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Survival 101 - Part 1 (Shelter)

June 27, 2017

The key components when it comes to survival 101 is to first make the decision to survive and never lose hope; secondly always assess the immediate situation and think before you act. 

S- Size up the situation, surroundings, physical condition, equipment.
U- Use all your senses
R- Remember where you are.
V- Vanquish fear and panic.
I- Improvise and improve.
V- Value living
A- Act like the natives.
L- Live by your wits.


SHELTERS: Below are a few details when constructing a shelter in a wilderness environment. 

a. Use camouflage and concealment.

b. Carefully locate the ideal setting for your shelter: BLISS

     B- Blend
     L- Low Silhouette
     I- Irregular shape
     S- Small
     S- Secluded location

c. Choose an area-

1. Least likely or more likely to be searched depending on your survival situation (drainages, rough terrain, communication towers etc.)
2. NEVER Corner yourself. Always have escape routes.
3. Maintain observable approaches. 

d. Locate entrances and exits in brush and along ridges, ditches and rocks to keep from forming paths to site.
e. Be wary of flash floods in ravines and canyons.
f. Conceal with minimal to no preparation.
g. Take the direction finding threat into account before transmitting from shelter.
h. Ensure overhead concealment.



Shelter will always be one of your top priorities in a survival situation you must prepare to survive severe weather conditions which can be the number one barrier in surviving. 

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