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Viking Battle Ready Sword and Scabbard Set - Gold

SKU: ICS-606

Product Features

  • 40 inch overall length in scabbard
  • 36 inch overall length out of scabbard
  • Carbon steel blade with mirror shine finish and razor sharp edge right out of the box
  • Leather wrapped handle and scabbard
  • Real brass pommel, hand guard and accents on scabbard

Product Description

To narrow a medieval sword down to an exact century is rarely straightforward. During the middle ages, steel production was a costly business. Often times a handful of iron nails could buy a man a night's lodging. Consequently, items were constantly recycled, and kept in service as long as possible. In this respect, swords were no different. The blade was considered to be the heart of the sword, and it was not uncommon for a blade to be remounted in the latest fashion of the time. In this way a sword's active life of service could span generations, even centuries.  The pommel of this sword is 10th century (the end of the early medieval period) other characteristics of the sword date it to the High Middle Ages (c.1001—1300), although such modern knit-picking over timelines would have been quite irrelevant for the medieval owner of a beast such as this. It would have been his companion, the protector of hearth, house and homeland – a treasured item.

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