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9 Inch Spring ActionZ-Slayer Death Curve Knife - Blue

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Product Features

  • Huge 9 inch overall length
  • Razor sharp drop point blade with "death curve"
  • Easy to grip handle with curved supports and guards
  • Rigid grip on handle - Handle measures out to 5 inches
  • 1045 real surgical steel blade - 4 inch blade length

Product Description

Undeads better run when you're on the scene with this pocket knife. Z-Slayer always packs a punch for any Undead or cohort of the dead. Wrap your fingers around the Death Curve. Hold the handle and feel each and every curve. From the ridges on the handle, to the curved guard at the bottom of the blade to the concave curve inside of the blade, this knife is very unique. The knife includes a pocket clip for patrolling graveyards late at night and the knives feature beautiful dead skulls illustrated on the blade and handle. The wonderful designs are perfect to give demons something to stare at while you both duke it out. And don't forget the blade. The blade is not only razor sharp, but ejects with lightning speed, giving automatic knives a run for their money. Get your hands on this defeater of darkness today, and step your Undead survival game up.
Prop. 65 Warning for California Residents