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Smith & Wesson SWP-1251 Pepper Spray, Special Keycap Holder

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SKU: SWP-1251

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Pepper Spray, Special Keycap Holder, .75oz

  • Formula: 5.75 OC
  • Type of Marking Dye: UV
  • # of Grams in Canister: 15 Grams
  • Type of Spray Pattern Stream: Cone Shaped Stream Spray
  • Color of Spray: Orange
  • SHU's: 2 million
  • # of Sprays in Canister: 14-One Second Shots
  • Spraying Range: 8-10 Feet
  • Flamability: Non-Flamable
  • Expiration Date: 18 Months
Prop. 65 Warning for California Residents