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12 PC Green Skull Walking Undead Pen Knife Set

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SKU: PK-1203-GR-CA

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Product Features

  • Pen is 5.5 inches overall
  • Includes 2 inch serrated blade
  • Solid steel, super sharpened - Just reveal your blade by taking of the top half of the pen
  • Keep a blade with you at all times disguised as a colorful pen
  • Zombified green and undead skull patterns cover the outside of the pen and knife blade

Product Description

So you're sitting alone in a the class room, taking notes, waiting for the teach to walk in. It's an unusually dark day and there are less students then normal. Suddenly, the teacher bursts in with blood on their face and an appetite for brains! What do you do? You use that note pen you have and whip the top off of it. The Z-Slayer hidden Pen Knife comes with a 2 inch serrated blade. Now you're ready to face off with the undead and take them down. This item is not just a knife in disguise, but a fully functional pen that can write smooth and easy. Black ink included.
Prop. 65 Warning for California Residents