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MYERS STICK™ 8 Inch Revolutionary Kubotan (1 PC)

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Product Features

  • The Myers Stick™ is a revolutionary new kubotan that is designed for maximum efficacy in a self defense situation - 6.75 inches in length, 8 with the keychain.
  • Intricately detailed Skull on Snake body design makes this a cool looking keychain charm with a hidden purpose.
  • Once in the hands of a skilled person (or an average person with a little practice) this "charm" becomes the ultimate defense tool.
  • Targeted strikes require very little force to disable an assailant.
  • The pointed tail is the critical component of the Myers Stick™. One hit in the right place will give you a major advantage in a self defense situation.

Product Description

The beauty of kubotans lies in their simplicity. Unlike other self defense tools, they're not obvious to an attacker leaving them unprepared. The Myers Stick™ is no exception to this, with one feature other kubotans do not have: its shape. The curved end of the tail with its sharp point makes strikes more crucial than regular flat bottomed straight kubotans. Additionally the serpentine spine gives it a unique ergonomic grip that won't slip. One direct strike to the solar plexus can leave an attacker struggling to breathe long enough to get away. Other vulnerable areas such as the ribs, knees, or any exposed bone are prime targets. With the sharp tail and ergonomic spine, the Myers Stick™ is the perfect defense tool.


Prop. 65 Warning for California Residents