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Martial Arts Nunchucks W/ Hidden Knife (Stainless Steel/Black)

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Product Features

  • State of the art, heavy duty nunchucks
  • These nunchucks are well-made and are solid stainless steel
  • Nunchucks are held together by chain link
  • Grip texture in steel for each nunchuck handle
  • End of nunchuck unscrews to reveal blunt spear point

Product Description

These nunchucks are perfection. They are made of real steel and feature silver chain link for any tricks or spins you can hurl at it. Perfect your around the neck, behind the back, or helicopter spin moves with these exclusive nunchucks. These nunchucks sell fast and are only available here at Panther while supplies last. These steel nunchucks also have a cool feature. Can you say, free knife? There is a hidden knife in one of the nunchucks. Simply unscrew and impress your friends with this awesome item.
Prop. 65 Warning for California Residents