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All Handmade 14th Century Authentic Medieval Replica Broadsword

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SKU: ICS-903-T
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Product Features

  • 43 inch overall length in scabbard
  • Wooden scabbard with real leather wrapping - Black steel accents on scabbard
  • Leather wrapped handle with beautifully designed pommel
  • Sleek steel hand guard with opponent's sword catcher - 6.25 inch handle length
  • Tempered carbon steel blade with bend that snaps
  • 2.15" blade width at the Ricasso - 29.5 inch total blade length

Product Description

An authentic 14th century broadsword. These types of swords were used for blunt hits as well as slicing and cutting. They can be held with one hand, but are meant for two-handed combat. The pommel is wrapped with real leather and the carbon steel blade has a super-sharp point. Black steel accents on the bottom of the scabbard and on the top. The sword is almost 5 pounds in the scabbard.

Prop. 65 Warning for California Residents