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Heavy Duty Metal Slingshot by Kentucky Tactical Supplies

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SKU: 68709

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Product Features

  • Heavy duty and collapsible sling shot
  • Comes with wrist support as seen in picture
  • Has 1/4 inch rubber band/tube with leather pouch
  • Has hard metal and plastic body
  • Do not aim at people or shoot into wind - For ages 14 and older

Product Description

Let the fun begin with this state of the art slingshot from Kentucky Tactical Supplies. This sling shot is not like the one you had as a boy made with a twig and some rubber bands. This sling shot has a quarter inch thick rubber band with a leather pouch big enough for rocks, pebbles, marbles and more. The pouch has two textures: smooth and rough- for gripping slippery surfaces and along with the easy-to-grip plastic handle, this sling shot goes above and beyond. This awesome item also features a collapsible metal extension with a rubber guard at the end of it that sits on top of your wrist. This serves as added grip for your sling shot as you pull the rubber band back and let whatever is in the pouch fly. This slingshot folds up super easy and can tuck it away perfectly in your pocket as well as any small storage space. Get your hands on this fun item today and become the marksman that you always wanted to be.
Prop. 65 Warning for California Residents