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11 Inch Trench Knife Carbon Steel Blade Real Brass Handle

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SKU: ICD-022
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Product Features

  • 11.65 inch overall length
  • High carbon steel blade- 300 grams of real brass for the handle
  • Authentic look and feel- weighs 1.5 lbs with scabbard
  • Solid steel scabbard- this is the real deal!
  • Spikes on knuckles and skull crusher on bottom of handle

Product Description

Only since the trenches of the first World War has anything been seen this authentic. Measuring at almost a foot, this monster of a dagger is all one needs when ducking gunfire on the Western Front or saving the day in a first person shooter WWI game. Whether you are a war aficionado or veteran with an appreciation for the past, this knife can make the day of anyone who wields it. True to authenticity, the handcrafted fixed blade trench knife has a handle forged from three-hundred grams of solid brass. Also, like back in the day, the scabbard is solid metal- not plastic like some imitators. There is a loop for a belt or another attachment so you can transport this knife all throughout the battlefield with ease. The blade is polished, high carbon steel and measures out to 6.75 inches in length. The overall length of this allied trench knife is 11.65 inches. The pinky finger hole is 1.2 inches in diameter, the ring finger is 1.5 inches, middle hole is 1.3 inches and the index finger has a hole of 1.25 inches in diameter. Each knuckle point of the handle has an embossed 5mm spike that’s perfect for punching your way out of a situation. The end of the handle has a 1.5 cm long “skull crusher” that will dent the steel helmet of many an enemy. Get this authentic knife into your collection today, either as a display piece or for protection. U.S. 1918 in carved into the brass… you can’t get more authentic than that.
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