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Z - Slayer®

Surviving the Undead always comes down to preparedness and sharp tools. Z-Slayer knives are ready to slice and dice should any re-animated cadaverous come your way. If the Undead don't rise, don't worry these knives were also designed for tactical and survival applications as well.  Z-Slayers selection of pocket knives feature Spring-Assisted technology to make it easier to use your blade on the fly. Our Swords, Daggers, Axes and Throwing Daggers come in a unique variety of materials, designs and colors.  You can buy Z-Slayer® knives here.

Custom Designs - These knives are one-of-a-kind in both visual design continuity and material fabrication. We used materials from a wide range of our knife brands to make sure the durability and unique quality of these knives is beyond industry standard.

Functionality - Arm, Grip, Stab/Slice and repeat. From the Undead to a survival situation, if the knife is the right fit you know you'll never quit. We design these knives with blade and handle cohesiveness for ideal efficiency.

Uniqueness - Z-Slayer® knives can't be found anywhere else in the market. For the design and price you've found your safe haven . For practical use or for an Undead merchandise collector we've got you covered.

Our knives feature fortified 440 stainless steel blades that hold an edge and won't rust, eliminating the need for messy oil and tedious upkeep. Our entire selection of Z-Slayer Knives is for sale here at Panther Wholesale. 


Z-Slayer® Knife series:

Here are a few examples of our excellent designs