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Tiger-USA® Knives

Innovative, Unique, and Affordable these are the core concepts behind the Tiger-USA® brand of knives. We supply the wholesale knife market with some of the most innovative blades on the market to date. Our inventory includes a variety of products such as folding knives, axes, throwing daggers, and brass knuckles. Tiger-USA® is the number one selling brand we've offered since the early 2000's. We've gained immense knowledge by consistently improving our products via research and development, raw material analysis and market feedback. We're so confident you'll have no regrets purchasing these knives because we offer a lifetime warranty buy Tiger-USA® knives here.

Innovative - We've improved steel quality on all of our knives allowing durability for repeated application use and varying weather conditions. Our focus also includes maintaining sharp edges.

Uniqueness - Tiger-USA knives® identifies design specifications from our top selling products and merges them into our newest products. Tiger also features graphics, colors and designs exclusive to our inventory.  

Affordability - We offer the best in whole sale knife pricing due to our customer loyalty. Our selection of knives is the best price for such rare selections.

Tiger-USA® products have taken the wholesale knife market by storm. Our ideal pricing with exclusive product features separates us from the rest. Join our long list of satisfied customers and start shopping here at Panther Wholesale. 

All Tiger-USA® are made to last and carry a lifetime warranty. Pay a return shipping charge to your local dealer and your broken knife will be replaced by a new knife on the spot. Buy Only Tiger-USA®.

Tiger-USA® Brand series:

Here are a few examples of our excellent designs