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The Energy of The Majesty Sword

Space battle has been at the forefront of the gaming culture and science fiction fantasy. When most people think of space battle they tend to think of space cannons, plasma rays, photon blasters, death rays, energy beams and light sabers. We don't have light sabers, we have something better and we bring your the Majesty sword. When in a fight fire power is limited which can land you in some hand to hand combat situations. In the fictional world of Space battle you have to fight on multiple planets while harnessing efficient weapons with the right amount of energy to deal with adversaries at hand. Unlike your standard steel sword the majesty sword is made of pure energy ready to disperse enemies at a moments notice. Hand to hand combat was a thing of the past carried into the future, sword dueling has just been taken to the next level of energy in the palm of your hand.

We bring you The Majesty Sword which is our variation on the popular swords of science fiction and video games. Our majesty sword is forged from 440 Stainless Steel blade with a full length of 27 inches. The swords blade is 19.25 inches and all of our swords come with a free mountable wall plaque. This sword is ideal for display, cosplay and role playing scenarios. With the rise of the gaming culture a lot of gamer's and fans of the culture are also getting involved in LARP (Live Action Role Playing) which we also have a in a foam version. The foam version of this sword is listed as a full 30 inches in 3 different colors such as red, Blue and Royal Blue.

This hot selling item has been an ideal seller across the board. Get your Majesty swords today and harness the energy today.