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Pride Cutlery®

Who's ever heard of holding a razor that evoked nostalgia to the touch and radiated vintage characteristics with every application. Straight Razors have stood the test of time and we've continued the tradition with our quality Pride Cutlery® razors. Why fix what's not broken, the razor design has barely changed but we've revolutionized our production quality by utilizing higher quality materials. Take a blast into the past and buy Pride Cutlery® knives here.

Quality Blades- We produce our blades with the highest grade stainless steel to endure rigorous wear and tear. 

Inventory Selections - We have a variety of designs to suit your specific taste. We have custom imprinted blades with selections of pearl, wood and bone handles.

Authenticity- Pride Cutlery® combines high quality materials with traditional values in design. Many other manufactures have tried to revolutionize the straight razor. We've stuck to tradition and implemented our values within our straight razors and folding knife fabrication.

We've designed our entire selection of Pride Cutlery® with the ideals of staying true to it's revolutionary design which has been consistent since the 1680's. We've noticed a demand for this niche market item and have consistently supplied the demand since the early 2000's. We've taken those traditional design values and applied them to an expanding line of our folding knives. Each time you utilize our razor it evokes nostalgia of the past and a classy demeanor which can be seen in pop culture depictions to this day such as the newest James Bond thrillers. Indulge in the Pride Cutlery® razor sales and shop at Panther Wholesale. 


Pride Cutlery® Knife series:

Here are a few examples of our excellent designs