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Brutus Keychains®

We have a slew of wholesale security products but none has been more popular than our Brutus® keychains. Our dog Brutus® is a discreet and innocent looking keychain while it's application is an aggressive self-defense mechanism. If you have no other self-defense items then now's the time to buy Brutus® keychains here.

Design Benefits - These defense keychains are made of 100% ABS plastic and as strong as metal.

Stylistic - These Brutus® keychains were designed to accommodate a variety of users and fit seamlessly with keys or attach to various clip-on viable devices. 

Durability- All of our Brutus® keychains are designed to be strong enough to withstand keeping any attacker at bay. The impact resistant ABS plastic keeps the ears sharp and the keychain intact. 

You can protect yourself in various colors that we offer pink, blue, brown, black, purple and many more. You might not have an attack dog on hand but our dog Brutus® gets the job done, purchase these keychains at Panther Wholesale. 

Brutus® Keychains:

Here are a few examples of our excellent designs