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9.60 Inch Automatic Italiano Knife with Guard Kriss (Black Pearl)

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Product Features

  • 9.60 inch overall length - 4.25 inch blade length - 3mm blade thickness
  • Weighs 4.90 ounces
  • Blade forged from AKC Italian stainless steel
  • From Automatic Knife Company based out of Maniago, Italy
  • Fully automatic button press blade ejection

Product Description

Each AKC knife is a genuine Italian stiletto with a razor sharp kriss blade. Each of these handmade wonders features a flat blade grind. The quality springs eject the blade out within 1/3 of a second with powerful force. The blade also sports a luminescent, mirror-shine finish. The handle features a wonderful satin/matte finish complete with real brass bolts throughout.
Prop. 65 Warning for California Residents