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Eagle Head Steel Cane Hidden Sword

SKU: WC-112

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Product Features

  • 38 inch overall length
  • 15 inch blade length
  • Solid Eagle Head
  • Rubber tip on bottom of cane
  • Solid steel engraved accents on cane

Product Description

These walking canes are more than meets the eye. The handles are wonderfully constructed and put together with supreme detail and care. There are so many different styles from skulls to pirates that the customer will have no problem with finding a cane that they can use to express themselves. The canes all feature hidden swords within them. Just unscrew the handle to reveal a huge 15 inch blade. The tips of the bottom of the cane are rubber, there are stainless steel accents and the length of the cane is solid steel with a black finish. Dont go anywhere without picking some of these canes up.