Living Dead Thrower Tactical Axe With Survival Paracord


Product Features

  • Overall measurement: 15"
  • Weighs over a pound - Heavy duty tactical axe
  • Can be used to chop or throw - Great in the outdoors in a camping environment
  • 1065 surgical steel that is 8 millimeters thick - Can you say tough?
  • Zombified Night Of The Living Dead look

Product Description

This axe is unique, strong and serious. The curved and deadly look is appealing and helps the aerodynamics of this tomahawk. The handle portion is 6 inches and wrapped with intertwined survival paracord. The color: Undead Green. At the bottom of the handle is an arrow shaped point used for jabbing or picking. Head of axe includes two points, one for picking, another for close quarter jabbing. There is a fine edge to the head that measures 4 inches long.