Chain Mail Armor Shirt and Coif (Medium)


Product Features

  • Galvanized steel to prevent rust
  • Coif and shirt included - Medium size
  • Weighs 35 pounds
  • Great for cosplay and role playing

Product Description

Prepare to face knights and battle dragons as you embody the spirit of an ancient knight with this coif and chain mail shirt set. This type of butted armor made up of small metal rings is called chain mail. It consists of the rings being hooked together to make a pattern forming a steel mesh consistency. This set includes a coif or chain mail hood as well as a chain mail shirt. The galvanized steel that makes up this chain mail will not rust and is moisture resistant. The use of such armor was prominent from the Dark Ages, through the Middle Ages and even well in the Renaissance. It is believed that the Roman Army quickly adopted mail in Cisalpine Gaul, when fighting the Gauls.
Prop. 65 Warning for California Residents