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Skull Aluminum Kubotan Public Safety Keychain Black Finish

SKU: P-15939-FEBK-Skull

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Product Features

  • 5 inch overall length
  • Great black coating on the strong aluminum
  • Key chain attached to the top of the kubotan for easy transport
  • Custom Engraving
  • Flat end on the tip of the kubotan for maximum damage

Product Description

This item features 3 custom skulls that are white on the surface. This is what you want and this is the easiest way to protect yourself against the evils of attackers. The keychain is easy to latch and loop around your other key rings and lanyard. This is the perfect Public Safety weapon to go and explore without fear for your life or the legality of what youre carrying. Carry it on a keychain or around your neck and it will fit comfortably in your backpack or back pocket. This Public Safety kubotan is strong and can hurt your enemy bad, but is one hundred percent legal. Only available while supplies last, so get yours now!