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Strong Knuckle Survival Keychain Skull


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Product Features

  • 3.10 ounce weight
  • Almost a total of 3 inches in length
  • Long and strong paracord rope included with steel bead and decorated engraving on it
  • Detailed skull shape and design
  • Can be used as a bottle opener, defense jabber and keychain

Product Description

This is one of the greatest public safety items that we have in our possession. This is a perfect tool with multiple uses. This item can be used as a colorful bottle opener with it's titanium finish and skull, bad ass look. Just break this out at a party and pop open beers with style. There is the public safety functionality as well, just rap your fingers around the skull head and stick your finger in the hole for the ultimate grip. Jab at any attacker or enemy with confidence and take down enemies with this almost harmless looking key chain. This item is approximately 2.95 inches in length and is forged from solid steel. It is heavy duty but lightweight, featuring a sharp jabbing point on the bottom of the skull. There is survival paracord attached to the top of the skull head and can be used for emergency rope.
Prop. 65 Warning for California Residents