Cavalry Sword with Genuine Leather and Real Brass Scabbard

SKU: ICS-810

Product Features

  • 32 inch overall length
  • The blade is plain and a full 23.5 inches
  • Genuine leather scabbard with real brass
  • Real brass handguard
  • Sharp Blade

Product Description

Become the famous General or add this sword to your collection. This Cavalry sword is 32 inches long and its comfortable to grip. Wield the same item of a Civil War general with this beautiful sword. Inspired by 1860's culture and society, this sword's blade is forged from tempered carbon steel and has a mirror shine finish. Wrap your fingers around the brass handle and surround your hand with the 100 percent real brass hand guard- designed beautifully. This sword comes complete with a genuine leather scabbard. This scabbard is a perfect protector for your sword and has real brass accents.