2nd Amendment Eagle Firestarter Knife With Nylon Sheath and Paracord (Black)


Product Features

  • 6.85 inch overall length
  • Long paracord on the end of the handle
  • 2.85 inch razor sharp drop point blade
  • Nylon sheath
  • Firestarter included

Product Description

This knife has "The Right To Bear Arms" engraved on the blade and it features a eagle holding a AR-15. Just use this knife when your back's against the wall. The rain is coming down hard, you are cold, the area where you at is dark and wet. What do you need? Fire. Yes, fire- man's greatest invention. Just whip out this 7 inch knife out of your side sheath. The sheath included comes with a belt loop so you can transport your knife around on your waist and remove it and put it back with ease. The reason for the name, the fire starter, is the main centerpiece of this set. Just slice the knife onto the fire-starter until the paint is gone and watch the sparks fly- literally.
Prop. 65 Warning for California Residents