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Firestarter Knife With Nylon Sheath and Paracord (Forest Green)


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Product Features

  • 6.85 inch overall length
  • Long paracord on the end of the handle
  • 2.85 inch razor sharp drop point blade
  • Nylon sheath
  • Firestarter included

Product Description

This is the official fire starter survivalist tool. This knife is measuring in at almost 7 inches long and is a perfect addition to any outdoor mans arsenal. Keep this knife around to cut rope, branches, or anything else. You can use this knife to skin any hunted animals to prepare for cooking. The black paracord can be used on the knife for added grip or removed for an extra rope or cord to perform tasks in the wild. Just use this knife when your back's against the wall. The rain is coming down hard, you are cold, the area where you at is dark and wet. What do you need? Fire. Yes, fire- man's greatest invention. Just whip out this 7 inch knife out of your side sheath. Remove the fire starter from the same sheath and scrape at it with your knife. Once you slice the black finish off of the fire starter, find a dry stick, leaves or other vegetation and slice hard at the fire starter until you see sparks. As soon as the fire starts, use your paracord included to rig up a torch and explore and stay warm until the morning.
Prop. 65 Warning for California Residents