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PENNYKNIVES Buckle Folding Knife Duster Extreme- Silver/Black


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Product Features

  • 9 inch overall length.
  • Smooth rounded handle.
  • Duster Extreme printed on the blade.
  • Belt/pocket clip.
  • Trigger Action blade.
  • Pennyknives Engraving

Product Description

You may have heard of "Pennywise" well meet "Pennyknives" a Panther Wholesale character inspired by the Stephen King movie "IT". This knife comes with a custom engraving of the knife wielding clown menace on the handle.This trench knife folder series is definitely something new and exciting. It combines two popular favorites- Trigger Action knives & brass knuckles and forms a WWII-styled trench knife that is part of our "Trencher's Extreme" collection. These trench knives are unlike regular ones with the handle of the knives being smooth, rounded and easy to grip- very unlike the pointy and square shape to most trench knife handles. Our knives include a safety feature for the sharp steel blade when you're only using the handle as a knuckle. The blade itself ejects with lightning speed using Tiger-USA's trademarked Trigger Action technology. This gives an updated add-on to a dearly loved classic.