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Gerber Pocket Sharpener

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SKU: 4307

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Product Features

  • Fine ceramic rods for razor sharpness - Coarse ceramic rods for aggressive sharpening
  • Sharpener has an overall length of 2.04 in.
  • Grit: Fine/Coarse
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Design Type: Pocket

Product Description

The blades in our knives are engineered from high quality steel that's built to hold an edge. Yet with the wear and tear of everyday use - another area in which our knives excel - the need to sharpen your blades will arise. That's when you need the Gerber Pocket Sharpener. Take it with you camping, hunting, clearing brush, or wherever life takes you - you're bound to need your knife, and your knife is bound to need an edge. Hone your steel starting with the coarse side, then refine your edge with the fine side. Get yours today, and stay sharp no matter what.
Prop. 65 Warning for California Residents