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When it's fight or flight, If flight isn't an option you should have an advantage in the fight and Takedown® any opposition. If your job involves public safety/law enforcement or you simply want peace of mind we have a wide range of Takedown® wholesale security products available. Our gear is checked and prepped for all self defense and survival situations. Our brand features a diverse selection of kombat knives, concealed daggers and batons.  We take self-defense seriously and you should too buy Takedown® products here.

Product Benefits - Our gear has been designed to be comfortably concealed. Each item is made from Stainless Steel and built to last even in inclement weather conditions.

Effectiveness - All of our Takedown® gear has been quality tested and improved over the years. None of our items leave the warehouse before receiving a thorough inspection before delivery.

Peace of Mind- You should be able to protect yourself at all cost. Our gear was designed to be light weight and effective. We've continued to improve our designs over the years with better handle grips, lighter durable materials and more.   

This gear features a variety of sizes, defense capabilities and easy to use functionality. Our entire selection of Takedown® gear is for sale here at Panther Wholesale. 


Shadow Ops® Knife series:

Here are a few examples of our excellent designs