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The Exclusive. The Profound. The Shadow Ops knives. Harness the officially licensed tools designed with the specifications of the United States elite military operatives. The Shadow Ops® brand was designed with the ideals of "Semper Fiedlis (Always Faithful)". These knives are fabricated for multi-use, transportation and concealment and you can buy Shadow Ops® knives here.

Quality Materials - The fabrication specs implemented in these knives uses 1045 surgical grade steel or better. 

Durability - All materials in these knives were meant to withstand various weather conditions and remain precision sharp.

Functionality- Each mechanical component of these knives was designed to maintain premium trigger functionality and blade sharpness.

Our knives feature matte black surgical steel with easy grip handles. Our entire selection of Shadow Ops® Knives is for sale here at Panther Wholesale. 

Shadow Ops® Knife series:

Here are a few examples of our excellent designs