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It's no surprise when shopping for a police issue inspired knife you want something that's as sleek and functional as law enforcement gear. Police-tech® is the right price for the best knife with no strife. Our brand focus is implementing key quality design components in a compact yet affordable but easy to use tactical knife. If you're looking for a bargain buy Police-Tech® knives here.

Quality Materials - These knives are one-of-a-kind in the knife market for their price and durability. The reinforced plastics and fortified connecting points make this one of the premium multi-functioned short blade knives on the market.  

Innovative designs - Our diverse selection of blades include half serration for multi-purpose application. Each knife utilizes custom easy grip options contoured to the design of each blade.

High Demand- It's simple Police-Tech® is one of our highest selling brands. Why you may ask? It's because they were made of the highest quality materials at the right price for our customers.

These knives were specifically designed with police tactical precision in mind. These knives won't rob your bank but aren't as cheap as a shank. If you're in the market for the perfect small blade with easy grip, razor sharp tips and multi-purpose durability, then reading this description is a mandatory summons to shop our Police-Tech® knives at Panther Wholesale.  

Police-Tech® Knife series:

Here are a few examples of our excellent designs