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Jungle King®

When exploring dense wilderness your knife is considered one of your number one tools in self reliance. Our Jungle King® brand is designed with precision for the rugged outdoor seeker. We offer the best in wholesale knives and with these durable weather proof coated machetes, you won't question having the edge on your next adventure. You can buy Jungle King® knives here.

Design Benefits - All of our Machetes have a specialty weather proof coating along with custom easy grip handles. This allows for multiple applications in varying weather conditions.

Stylistic - These Jungle King® machetes have a unique array of blade designs. We offer two tone blade coatings and sleek rubber handles in a select number of colors.

Durability- We've selected the best 440 stainless steel options which keep the blade sharp and ready to use for multiple activities.

We understand that at certain times these machetes can be used in serious circumstances. We've taken our knowledge of outdoor sporting activities and blade fabrication and combined them for the Jungle King® knives which are sold exclusively at Panther Wholesale. 

Jungle King® Knife series:

Here are a few examples of our excellent designs