Copy of Police Force 26 Inch EZ Close Automatic Expandable Steel Baton


Police Force Tactical is excited to introduce the first easy closing automatic expandable steel baton!

Your customers will love the ease of opening an automatic baton with just the touch of a button.  And now, with the EZ close, retracting the baton is effortless.  Previous versions of this baton would lock in place once extended and required banging it on the ground with a lot of force to get it to close. The new EZ Close Automatic Expandable Baton does not lock in the extended position and allows you to close the baton by just pushing it in with the palm of your hand.

When you need to protect yourself, each second counts. That’s why you should count on the new Police Force 21 Inch EZ Close Automatic Expandable Steel Baton. When they want to use less-than-lethal force, police officers and security guards often reach for their automatic metal baton; now civilians can too. 


    • Safe Distance: Gives someone distance between them and an attacker.


    • Fast Action: Extends in a fraction of a second at just the touch of a button. 


    • EZ Close:  Closes with an only slight push from the palm of your hand.


    • Rubberized: The rubber handle helps you maintain a firm grip.


    • Holster with Belt Loop: Heavy-duty nylon holster for convenient carrying and quick access.


    • Warranty: 1 Year



    • Police Force Tactical 26 Inch EZ Close Automatic Steel Baton


    • High-quality holster with belt loop


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