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10 Inch Italian Style Automatic OTF Mob Monster (Wood Handle )

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SKU: SJ-501
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  • Half a pound. 10.5 inches overall length,
  • 4.5 inch blade length, 6 inch handle length.
  • 0.75 inch thick handle.
  • The handle is forged with solid steel.

Inside the handle is a hilariously strong spring action that shoots the knife out at an astonishing velocity. The knife is made in Italy as seen inscribed on the blade. The handle features quality resin within the stainless steel handle. The blade is as sturdy as the handsome handle and is sharp enough to pick your teeth with. The blade is seriously sharp and the edge is so exquisite someone could shave with it. Just put a bit of firm pressure on the ridged thumb press and watch the blade scream out. Just like the knives that gangsters have in classic movies, only theirs didn’t come with a nylon carrying sheath. Yours does!

Prop. 65 Warning for California Residents